Webcast: PDQ&A - March 2017

4/26/2018 2172 Contributors

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Question: When writing SQL reports, is there a way to include data from custom fields? 2:07

Question: What is the best procedure for creating scheduled auto deployment packages for environments with a mix of Deep Freeze and Non-Deep Freeze clients? I don’t see a way to duplicate and edit schedules (to target a different Collection Library). Do I have to recreate these two schedules for EVERY auto deployment package I manage? 7:15

Question: Is there a more efficient way of handling multiple auto deployment package updates on Deep Freeze machines? If I have to update all 3 versions of flash, that is 6 reboots. How do we prevent packages from interfering with other packages that are on the same schedule? 12:55

Question: How do I create a report that shows me all PCs that do not have a specific version of a specific program? E.G., all PCs that do have Google Chrome 54 (dataset may have PCs that have the wrong version or no Chrome at all). 15:26

Question: I have 2 domains, my computer is a member of domain.local and the PDQ Service is running on the same domain. I have my account for domain.com under console users. I am unable to send packages across domains without switching the background service, why? 18:24

Question: I’ve noticed that PDQ is leaving a user profile on each PC it pushes a package to. Is there a quick way to delete this automatically after the install is complete? There is no need to create a Desktop/favorites/documents/etc. Folder for PDQ Deploy. 22:06

Question: I seem to have a lot of issues with Adobe Flash for IE - Win 8.1. I tend to have to nuke Windows update on the machine from orbit and redeploy, then it works. Is that update in the Win 8.1 monthly? I can’t seem to locate a definitive answer, and that package works great! 24:12

Question: I am initiating MDT OS deploys via PDQ Deploy. It initiates and pushes the OS fine, but PDQ thinks the task failed because the PDQ runner is not on the new OS. Any way to have PDQ catch up after the OS deploy and finish the task and maybe start other tasks/steps? 25:54