Webcast: Advanced Reporting in PDQ Inventory

4/26/2018 2353 Contributors

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Bonus content: https://www.adminarsenal.com/blog/advanced-reporting-pdq-inventory/


Reports to find computers that DO or DO NOT have a particular application. One to one / one to many relationships: 1:47

Question: At what point is it better to use an SQL report instead of a regular report? 12:53

SQL report and registry scanner: 15:13

Question: What is the difference between All, Any, Not All and Not Any? Have had times when making groups where Not All worked over Not Any and vice versa. 22:02

Question: How do we run report and save data to file .csv option --WITH the custom field data included? 24:41

Question: Is there a way to use reports to find all the outdated software per computer? 28:56

Comparisons and pattern matching: 31:55

Collection source: 39:42