Webcast: What's New in PDQ Inventory 12

4/26/2018 2321 Contributors

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Custom Import Wizard: 2:18

Question: Any chance there is a way to automatically grab registry values? IE: We label each machine with a code sticker. That goes into the registry. It’d be cool to create a collection with that info. 10:48

Smart Drive Status: 12:08

Deep Freeze Status: 15:06

Question: Do you know if information can be imported directly from another database, like SpiceWorks Inventory? 20:48

Question: Does PDQ Inventory have a way to track static inventory, such as portable drives or other equipment that aren’t scannable? 22:59

Question: How are the data fields matching with the correct computer, does it match serial numbers per se for the asset tag I would be importing? 24:20