Webcast: PDQ&A - December 2016

4/26/2018 1267 Contributors

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Question: Why can I not deploy Auto Deployments with the command line version of PDQ Deploy? Is it not implemented? How much and what kind of Whiskey do I need to send to get it to work? :53

Question: I often use the Reboot/Shutdown function. Are there any plans to include a function to only reboot or shutdown if no user is logged on? If not, can I realize it with a PowerShell script? 3:10

Question: I have an update for a program (Autodesk Fusion 360), is there a way to use the conditions to check if the process is running and stop it if it is? 5:16
Question: Also another question related to the same software; I have deployed it via PDQ Deploy but it doesn’t appear in Programs and Features. Is there a way to get a report of where it is installed? 9:12
Question: I would like to have a step in SCCM to call on PDQ to deploy a group of nested packages to a new PC after an image is installed. Is there a way to call a package based on PC name, or IP address, or location? I would like to be able to deploy everything that PC will need for that location at once rather than deploy the base programs and then deploy another package later. 13:19
Question: Is there a way to list available packages in PowerShell using a cmd line command? 18:56
Question: So, “Variables can now be used in the email subject of the Post Deployment Notification and Post Schedule Notification.” - Can we use them in Display messages to users? 21:47

Question: I have had PowerShell, command, and install packages fail on Macs running Windows 7 through Parallels. Is that because of the Parallels Desktop, or because the base machine is a Mac? Is there a known way to work around problems with Windows 7 in Parallels? 23:48

Question: What is the difference using PDQ Deploy to deploy a BAT or use the PDQ Deploy parameters and command line? 25:29
Question: Is there a setting you can add to turn UAC off on all machines BEFORE running deployment? The IT team wants it on. 27:29
Question: What ports does PDQ Inventory use to report if a PC is online? After installing Symantec.Could SEP SB all our pc’s in the other office report they are offline but you can deploy/ping to them. 29:01