Webcast: Initiating Deployments and Scans Using PowerShell

4/26/2018 1479 Contributors

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Prepare to do remote PowerShell: 4:25

Named pipes / TCP work around: 6:37

Triggering a Deployment with PowerShell: 8:12

Question: Can we add and remove Windows 10 Modern Apps using PowerShell? We’ve tried using a Command Step or PowerShell step with commands like with mixed (mostly poor) results. 10:55

Initiating a remote scan in Inventory using PowerShell: 13:20

Question: Do all the PS scripts work with every Win 10 language variant or only with Win 10 English? 14:52

Deploy and change the username and/or notification name: 16:54

Deploying an array example : 20:07

Using a CSV file: 21:27

Ensure the account initiating the command has been added into console users: 23:15

Location and values of registry key: 24:15

Question: What is the recommended way to deploy or scan to multiple computers (20 or more). I’ve tried using PSCredential and txt file with a list of computers, ran into some errors: 25:18

Triggering a schedule using PowerShell: 28:45