Webcast: PDQ&A - November 2016

4/26/2018 1519 Contributors

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Question: We use Custom Fields to display data (date machine was bought, etc.) in PDQ Inventory. I want to share this information with our other admin (both have an Enterprise Level License) and also access the data he entered. He can access my collections and vice versa but this information is not shared. What can we do? 1:03

Question: How can I search PDQ Inventory for Outlook .pst files larger than 1 GB? 3:59

Question: In PDQ Inventory, can a Dynamic Collection be created for Windows 10 computers actively using BitLocker? We use another encryption product and I don’t want to install over those computers. 10:48

Question: What is the best way to remotely uninstall an application that shows its C: drive location as its uninstall path (instead of MsiExec.exe) in PDQ Inventory? 13:53

Question: Trying to find a way to create a dynamic collection if SCCM is installed...any help? 19:00

Question: I tossed Deploy and Inventory on a server, is there any way to drop a client on my desktop so I don’t have to RDP? 21:17

Question: Is there a way in PDQ Deploy to show a message and wait until the user clicks OK? I want to deploy during the night and have the message on the screen when the user shows up in the morning. 22:54

Question: Is it possible to do an inventory scan as step 1 in a deployment? This was if the product that’s being updated is already on the current version, the deployment would cancel. 27:39