Webcast: What's New in Inventory 11?

4/26/2018 2019 Contributors

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New Feature rundown: 1:07

Tool Library: 3:06

Question: Are the custom tools we made previously going to now be included into the Tools library automatically or do we have to add them again or link them somehow? 11:36
System Tool: 13:37
Question: When running the new PowerShell commands within the tools, I receive the message: The RPC server is unavailable. I get the same return running the command on Windows 7 64-bit and 10 64-bit. One: What would be causing this error return? Two: Since the PowerShell commands are different for Windows 7 & 10, can you make adjustments to them under your tools menu to fit your environment? 16:29

Question: Can the Custom Tools be allowed to be chosen when multiple computers are selected? Currently they are all grayed out when multiple are selected. 20:34

Question: Can the remote registry tool access current user if they’re logged in? 23:12

Remote command window: 24:30