Webcast: PDQ&A - October 2016

4/26/2018 1753 Contributors

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Java 8 Library Package update: 1:32

Question: Is there a way of detecting if an additional display is connected, like a projector, and setting the resolution to a specific value and setting the display to clone? 5:51

Question: I am in the middle of a required FDIC audit and one of the items I have to produce is a report of all computers and their patch status. So I have been creating reports in PDQ Inventory that shows all the computers and the status on each individual software that I use PDQ Deploy for patch management. I’ll then take the reports in CSV and merge them, hopefully showing each computer in a row and each software in a column and whether it is up to date or not. Is there an easier way to do this? 7:17

Question: Are there any plans to add things like conditions, PowerShell/Command steps, or reboot steps to Auto Deployments? 12:46

Question: Is there a way to scan computers on a network using the SomputerSecureChannel and get a report of which computers have issues? 14:29

Question: What’s a good way to fix Trust Relationship errors using PDQ? I usually have to go to location and manually remove the computer from the domain and re-add it. 15:12

Question: Is there a way to prevent a user-initiated computer restart / shutdown during deployment? 18:26

Question: Is there a good way to trigger Auto Deployments the first time a machine comes online such as when we’re loading a machine, we want Deploy to go ahead and install a group of software? 20:31

Question: If PDQ Deploy is chugging away on some auto deployments with a bunch of computers queued up, how can I intervene to get an unrelated package deployed ASAP to a target computer? 23:20

Question: In PDQ Inventory is there a way to search for users specifically and bring up their last login computer? I’m looking for an easy way to do this without querying AD? 24:43

Question: What is the best way to deploy Google Chrome? If a user tries opening Chrome after it closes their window it fails. We have some users who can’t accept WOL requests so we can’t always do it after hours. 25:35

Question: Nested package deployment for the fresh machines is flawless but when it comes to user machines there are a lot of hiccups. Can we expect all or most of the future packages to be included with uninstall & existing verification steps? 28:19