Webcast: PDQ&A - September 2016

4/26/2018 1657 Contributors


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Question: Can you show us some of your Custom Tools? Ones that you would recommend that we implement for those of us out here show might not even know what we would find useful? 1:43

Question: Is there a way in PDQ Inventory to pull a report on programs that have been uninstalled in the last 7 days? 8:48

Question: In Inventory, it seems like a Heartbeat will never resolve for several computers. They just keep “spinning” with an online status of “Yes”, although I’m fairly certain they are offline. (Scans/pings/VNC attempts will fail?) Is there a way to cancel a Heartbeat, or are the doomed to limbo of supposedly online but not really? 10:04

Question: I would like to hear what features the PDQ team is excited about in the future. What’s something new that’s coming up or something that is being revamped? 12:24

Question: Is there a way to have a setup for 3 admins with PDQ Deploy and Inventory where the Inventory database can be shared? We don’t want each machine running a scan of our network. 14:20

Question: What is the best way to use Inventory to find local admins? 16:26

Question: How does the Wake-on-LAN PowerShell step work? Is there a script we need to use to utilize that step? 21:20

Question: I have Enterprise licenses for 4 admins for PDQ Deploy & Inventory. Is there a way to share and manage preferences across the PDQ apps such as Target Filters, Custom Tools, Variables, etc? 24:51

Question: Would it be possible to alter an auto deployment package such as Google Chrome? Basically I want to be able to turn off the “Disable Auto Update” portion since we manage it with group policy. 27:00

Question: Is there anyway to force workstations to VPN in if they have internet connectivity so PDQ can scan/install to them? 28:39

Question: Will there ever be a feature where one of the licensed admins can update Inventory and Deploy for all other admins, so that the shared databases are always on the same version? 30:00