Webcast: What's new in PDQ Inventory 10

4/26/2018 1605 Contributors

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New Features! What’s new: 1:38

New Feature! Background Service changes: 2:04

New Feature! Hiding Collections: 4:39

   -How to see what’s hidden: 7:32

New Feature! PowerShell in remote commands: 9:25

   -PowerShell in the package library: 16:36

Question: In PDQ Inventory Preferences, if I had set 100 concurrent scans, are offline (“sending wake”) computers included within those 100 concurrent? 20:47

Question: What is the best way to ensure all workstations are showing the correct state? We have several that will show as offline, but we know they are online. Sending wake command shows online. 23:04

Question: Is there a way to refresh collections without having to click on each one to see the correct number of items in the collection? 26:02

New Feature! Program Publisher and version added to hot fix table: 29:25