Webcast: PDQ&A - July 2016

4/26/2018 3187 Contributors

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Question: I’m looking to start managing AdBlock Plus through PDQ Deploy for IE, Chrome, and FireFox. IE is an installation file but for FireFox and Chrome, they are extensions. Anything special for a browser extension installation? 0:59

Question: Can I use Network Discovery to find Android/iOS tablets, then see their online status in Inventory? 4:51

Question: I have Office 365/Office 2016 installed on a computer, I need to install a language pack (setuplanguagepack.x86.it-it_.exe). How can I install it via PDQ? 9:04

Question: Is there a way to run a deployment, but have blackout periods where it won’t run? [Like 9am - 3pm]. 11:45

Question: I know there are Windows service packs you can apply with PDQ Deploy. Will the upgrade to Windows 10 installation ever be officially supported? If not, have you guys seen any working examples of people using PDQ Deploy to upgrade computers to Windows 10 upgrade? 12:59

Question: Does PDQ work on Microsoft Azure? If so what is different than a Server? 16:24

Question: I have built an administrative install point using Solidworks 2015 SP 5.0 - I can run it locally from \\fileserver\SOLIDWORKS Admin\SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5.0\startswinstall.exe it works great but when attempting to create a task I must be missing something because it always fails to install. 17:51

Question: We’re working on cleaning up DNS, but it was never done right from the start, so it's a long painful process...any way I can help my deployments be more successful in the meantime? 19:26

Question: Why doesn't Kris have a corgi shirt on? 21:02

Question: Is there a way to add a scanned registry value to a column in Collection View? For example, I’m grabbing the TeamViewer ID and want it displayed in the collection. 22:14

Question: Is it possible to keep WLAN IP and LAN IP of the same laptop in PDQ Inventory? 24:24

Question: I have a question regarding PDQ Inventory. I have some computers recently upgraded to Windows 10. Since then, I get the “an extended error has occurred” message when attempting a scan. Pings are successful, and the clock is correct. The network connections are fine. Do you have any other suggestions to resolve this error message? I’d rather not roll out Win 10 to any more if this will pop up everywhere. Deploying from a 2012 R2 Server to Optiplex 740s. 25:20

Question: Can PDQ Deploy be used to push out a Deep Freeze installation? 27:06

Question: Is there a way to determine which Microsoft Office package is installed? I know PDQ Inventory will tell me which version of Office is installed but I want to know which products in the suite are. 28:30