Webcast: Scan for Microsoft Office Updates and Patches

4/26/2018 5676 Contributors


Use PDQ Inventory to scan your systems for Updates and Patches from Microsoft

Deploy Office 365: http://support.adminarsenal.com/hc/en-us/articles/220509707


Question: Will there be an update soon to allow using PowerShell commands inside of a custom tool in Inventory? 1:21

Question: Is it possible to scan for Office 2016 update installed with the "click to run" installation? 3:02

Scanning for Hotfixes 7:40

Question: After scanning for updates, can Deploy be used to get them to start downloading/installing? 10:53

Question: When scanning offline, is it possible to check the activation status of the install? 15:25

Question: I am using full Active Directory Sync (AD Sync). Is there a way to see history of computers that have been removed? 16:48

Question: Does PDQ have a way of handling disk encryption? When our laptops reboot, there is a login screen that must be passed before the PC even boots. Can admin credentials be automatically entered? The disk encryption hangs up PDQ Inventory scans. 20:04

Question: Can I see an example of using PDQ to install WITH a logfile named the name of the computer using a variable to name the logfile %computername%? 22:02

Question: Can we have %computername% %package% as well or is that pushing it? 27:37

Question: I am wondering if there would be an enhancement to be able to pull from other databases for use of reporting? For example, pulling from our existing SQL database we use for asset tracking for reports. 29:06