Webcast: PDQ&A - June 2016

4/26/2018 1348 Contributors

Shane and Kris dive head first into your PDQ Deploy and Inventory related questions.

Question: Is there a reason why we can’t put Dynamic Collections in PDQ Inventory into folders? 1:05

Question: I am new to PDQ Deploy. I need to remove old Java and install the latest on several computers. The package will shut down the browser if it is running. This is not good for my users... Is there a way to run this only if no browser is running or if no user is logged on?  3:48

Question: I used a scan profile in the past, looking for special *.ini files. Can i clear the found *.ini files under Files because I do not need them anymore.  7:27

Question: Now and then I get the error " Target Computer Name Mismatch" in PDQ Deploy. Is there a way to use Inventory to proactively find these machines that get the error? Most of the time it's a problem with trust relationship. 9:49

Question: When a heartbeat deployment fails on a target machine because it goes off-line after the deployment starts, will it re-start the next time the computer comes on-line?  14:04

Question: What are some of the most common and problematic mistakes that users of both Deploy and Inventory make?  15:45

Question: What is one of the most underutilized features of Deploy and Inventory?  21:11

Question: Package Return error code -2146368439  25:18