Webcast: Finding Non-Scannable Devices on your Network (What's new in Inventory 9)

4/26/2018 4874 Contributors

Using the new Network Discovery tool in PDQ Inventory will allow you to find ALL devices on your network and how to manually organize them in PDQ Inventory.

New Feature: Options for adding computers in PDQ Inventory 9 3:22

Adding computers By Name 3:51

Adding computers using Active Directory Sync 4:16

New Feature: Network Discovery 6:56

Question: Will these be marked as an unscannable device so we could fix the ones that are supposed to be scannable? 10:54

Custom Tools 12:32

Get Mac Tool 13:09

Web Connect 13:47

Uncheck allow scan and editable fields 18:30

Question: If your LAN connects to multiple sites, how do you control what is auto discovered? 20:20

Exclude sections and ranges from Network Discovery? 21:47

Question: What is the best way (best practice) to organize the non-scannable devices in a dynamic group? 23:34

Question: Will Inventory be able to do anything with printer, for example collect page counts etc? 25:12

Question: With all the different ways now to populate Inventory, if you know the same device somehow shows up as more than 1 device, can you merge them together? 26:32

Question: Why are you blocking us from editing the description field on these? 27:25

Read up on what's new in PDQ Inventory 9 here: http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/whats-new-pdq-inventory-9/

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