Webcast: What's new in PDQ Inventory 8

4/26/2018 3128 Contributors

Read our blog post on what's new in PDQ Inventory 8: http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/now-available-pdq-inventory-8/ 

New Feature: Non-windows devices (Allow Scan) 1:36

Allow Scan 2:51

New Feature: File Scanner 5:57

Question: Do the non-windows devices need to be authenticated to our domain? Also, can iOS and Android devices be scanned? 10:17

Question: How do you create a dynamic collection/report of machines encrypted with BitLocker? 15:05

Question: How can I build a dynamic collection on who has BitLocker enabled? 19:19

Question: Is there a way to store BitLocker keys in Inventory 8? 21:45

New Feature: Auto Reports Run Now 23:18

New Feature: Adobe Flash Zero day patch 24:05

Question: Can devices be added by adding IP range to scan? 25:59

Question: Have you ever considered scanning event logs using PDQ Inventory? 29:16