Webcast: Mastering Collection and Report Filters

4/26/2018 2782 Contributors

How to become an expert in PDQ Inventory's collections and report filters


Question: How can I show computers that have Windows 10 1511? 2:02

Question: Could you go deeper into scanning for certain registry entries and files and then reporting on them? 6:59

A report to find computers with the UAC off: 9:02

How to change a name in a column for a Report: 9:39

How to move a Report to a Collection: 10:08

File scanner example: 12:00

Question: Is there a limit to the number of filters that can be applied to a collection? 15:49

How to find all the machines that DO NOT have a specific application or file:16:50

Dynamic Collection filtering by Operating System (OS): 23:15

Question: Can you capture printer devices through the inventory as well? 25:10

Question: Could you discuss database size and impact when scanning the registry and how to make some of that data go away with a subsequent scan to control database growth? 26:18

How to see which computers have Java Update enabled: 29:47

How to distinguish between Adobe DC reader versions: 31:00