Webcast: Hardware and Software Audits using PDQ Inventory

4/26/2018 4392 Contributors

Question: Is there a way to pull the Dell Service tag using PDQ Inventory? 1:22

Question: What’s the benefit of using audits instead of using collections? 4:21

     Example: I want to know how many Microsoft Office installations we have: 5:48

Question: Will that still pull if the computer is offline? 10:12

Find machines that are offline and  haven’t been booted in a long time. 11:00

Show me computers that have office and that are not a member of a particular OU. 12:55

Question: Can you see if a cell phone (or other devices) is plugged into a USB on a workstation from PDQ Inventory? 15:42

Question: I am currently using Excel-Sheets with lots of columns to manage clients (Model, Type, Hardware, OS, Asset-Tag, etc…) Is there a way to manage all of these within PDQ Inventory with queries which ends in (scheduled) Reports? 17:48

Hardware Audits. 21:35

How to find out if a machine has enough resources to upgrade to Windows 10. 25:46

Question: Is it possible to pull the “ownership tag” from the BIOS? 29:45

Question: Instead of “deleting” a machine, is there a way to “archive” it so it can be found for history reporting? (To eliminate the computer from showing up under the Collection Library as being outdated). 30:56

Question: Can you create a report showing if a computer has wake-on-lan enabled? 35:07

Question: Is the Modified Date in AD for a computer object the same or similar to the AD Last Logon in Inventory? We have a lot of machines with very old AD last logon but the modified date in AD is very recent? 36:10

Question: Is there anyway to import data into Inventory with some kind of field mapping ability? 37:16