Webcast: Stump the Chump II

4/26/2018 1818 Contributors

2nd edition of Shane and Lex answering your PDQ Related questions.

PDQ&A (technically 5th edition with a name change) ?

4th edition ?

3rd edition ?

? 1st edition

Question: How do I alphabetize my list of custom Collections in PDQ Inventory? 1:05

Question: Can PDQ Deploy notify me if there is an update to a package I previously downloaded? 3:32

Question: In PDQ Inventory, is it possible to create a Dynamic Collection of computers that have Windows Management Framework installed, and if so, what version? 6:35 ***Version 9 comes with prebuilt PowerShell collections***

Question: Window 10 build-in apps give us a headache and we are now using PowerShell scripts to manage them. Does Admin Arsenal have any prospects for future releases of PDQ Deploy to easily install/unistall Windows 10 built-in apps? 12:36

Question: Is there a way to see in PDQ Inventory what network printers have been added for a particular user on a particular computer? 14:09

Question: When I deploy Firefox I know I can put 32-bit on 32-bit & 64-bit machines. What difference will I get putting the 64-bit Firefox on a 64-bit machine? 15:38

Question: In PDQ Inventory, I get a lot of "Target computer name mismatch" errors. I have flushed DNS on the remote machines and scavenged DNS records on the domain controller. One thing I have noticed is that all the computers with this error have at one point connected to my network through VPN. Any ideas how to fix this? 17:41

Question: Why do you not have a package created to backup PDQ Deploy? 20:21  ***As of Version 9, this is a native feature on the Backup page in Preferences***

Question: Can PDQ Inventory or Deploy be used for scheduled Wake-on-LAN tasks? 21:32

Question: How can PDQ Inventory be used to audit Windows patching? Find what updates are installed and those that are missing? 25:17

Question: I'm struggling with tablets being updated because they are not always awake/on when in the office. Sometimes I can push an update out when they happen to be online in the office. Mostly, I have to rely on manually updating them. I'm looking for any tips on updating tablets (MS Surface 3 Pro) to try and get them automated, the same as workstations. 26:44

Question: When in PDQ Inventory, select any computer then press Ctrl+Alt+D to deploy a program then a PDQ Deploy package prompt comes up, why does it not already have my last deployment already selected? 29:58

Question: You just said that WSUS (Window Server Update Services) is free. Can someone confirm? I thought there were certain restrictions on which clients connected to it and/or you needed certain Microsoft licensing. 31:33

Question: Has anyone figured out how to use PDQ Deploy to deploy the Windows 10 upgrade tool and initiate the upgrade from a package? 35:12

Question: In PDQ Inventory, how do you monitor the online status of Polycom VoIP phones hosted in the cloud? The get local DHCP addresses. They don't come with friendly hostnames. 36:53

Question: I often get an MSI error 1618: Installation already in progress. 90% of the time there is no active installation. I have to reboot the computer then re-deploy. Is there a way to work around this? 37:51

Question: What is the best way to use PDQ Deploy or Inventory to move large numbers of computers to a new OU in Active Directory? 41:17

Question: Is there an agent option for PDQ Inventory? 42:49

Question: For PDQ Inventory, is there a way to scan on heartbeat only machines that have never been scanned before? 43:45

Question: Hi folks, your products work so well that I don't currently have a valid, work-related question. And just so I can contribute to the webcast: What is Lex's drink of choice? 46:05