Webcast: What's New in PDQ Inventory 7

4/26/2018 1926 Contributors

How to find out What's New 1:28

New Feature! Welcome to PDQ Inventory splash page 1:55

New Feature! Deployment history 2:35

New Feature! Collections and Reports based off deployment history 5:03

New Feature! Show Webcast alerts 6:31

New Feature! Registry Hive and Registry Path columns on the Application page of the Computer window 7:48

Question: Do both programs need to be running in order to view deployments from PDQ Inventory? Does it start the PDQ Deploy service in the background? 9:52

Database locations 10:27

Hiding columns within a grid 11:33

Question: Does PDQ Inventory have the ability to scan an asset to detect if a user is logged on before deploying applications? 12:37

Question: Can you create a report that will compare two collections... to show discrepancies between those collections so we can easily add/remove the Static Collection workstations? 15:59

Question: Are there any plans to add a database backup mechanism to either PDQ Inventory or Deploy? 19:34  **Feature added to PDQ Deploy version 9 and PDQ Inventory version 9**

New Feature! Prebuilt collections for Microsoft Office 365 21:38

New Feature! Monitor data for Windows 10 machines updated 21:53

New Feature! Sharing and Scan Caching warning if trying to share with only one license 22:08

New Feature! Added Imaging and Dropbox to the Collection Library 23:58

Variables 24:56

Syncing the Collection Library and modifying a collection 25:36

Question: Is there any thought being give to using a more robust SQL database in the future? Wondering if there will be performance issues with SQLite with 1000+ clients. 28:19

Question: I have downloaded the new Inventory 7 but have not deployed it yet because... I work on a closed network that does not have an internet connection. Are there any issues I should be aware of? How will this affect my current license? 31:39