PDQ Live : Advanced Reports in SQL: The Sequel

5/3/2018 2346 Contributors
SQL Reports

Example of using a JOIN: 1:15 Using a JOIN and finding the last 5 computers with successful scan dates and times using LIMIT.: 7:49 Question: Do you have any tips on making some of the more complex SQL queries a bit simpler to write? 11:11 CASE WHEN statement. Contents of 2 Registry entries: 12:46 Question: What is a good website or book to read for a beginner in SQL? I like to learn new things to make my job easier. 20:08 Employee is no longer working for a company. How to find all computers on network in which employee has logged onto with credentials. 22:58. Report showing applications and computers filtering specific collections and excluding specific applications. 28:16 Question: You mentioned in a previous PDQ Live that reporting on multiple items is possible with SQL. My question at the time was counts of Bitlockered laptops, Non Bitlockered laptops, Bitlockered desktops, Non Bitlockered desktops. Can you discuss this type of report? 32:35