PDQ Live! : Group Policy AMA with Jeremy Moskowitz

5/3/2018 1244 Contributors

Question: How can I find duplicate or conflicting settings in GPOs applied to the same OU? 1:15 Question: Can you customize the Start Menu in Windows 10 Education in the same way you can for Windows 7 Enterprise using GPO? 7:22 Question: What would be the best way to audit GPOs to identify ones that are no longer needed or are deprecated? Also, do you find it easier to manage several GPOs (such as one per application you are trying to control) or have a couple large GPOs that set everything? 15:17 Question: What is the best resource in your opinion on GPO changes moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for Education? 22:07 Question: When should I be using Create, Update and Replace in a Group Policy preference? 23:14 Question: We capture images using Sysprep, but are there some basic settings that we could determine through group policy, that normally we set through Sysprep? I don't have a lot of experience with GP yet, but I want to learn. 27:12 Question: Can GPOs be used to get rid of all the Windows 10 junk things like Xbox and other junk that business users do not need? 28:42 Question: One of our biggest headaches with GP is documentation. Do you have any tools or tricks to help make GP management easier? 31:12 Question: What is the best suggestion in Windows Enterprise to disable Edge in a GPO? I am forcing all my users to use Google Chrome because I use GoGuardian to monitor my users. 34:34 Question: I'm trying to build a cloud-centric infrastructure with zero on-prem servers while maintaining the kind of control over workstations that LAN managers typically have. PolicyPak Cloud is a good step in that direction, but it only does settings, not application installation or configuration. Can PDQ provide the missing link? 42:48 Question: Any options on a version of Policypak for Windows 7? 45:42 Question: How do I know if a group policy is going to tattoo the client’s registry? 46:24 Question: What are your recommendations for literature or resources for learning more about GPO management? 50:35 Question: Once we went to 1709, the GPMC crashes when trying to browse for a packaged app in AppLocker. Any idea as to when that lovely little bug is going to be fixed or if there's a workaround? 52:42