PDQ Live! : PDQ & A - May 2018

5/14/2018 1621 Contributors

Question: With the new optional Agent, is there a way to have it automatically deploy to machines that do not have it installed? Or for machines that are not on at the time the Agent is pushed out. :31

Question: Q1: How does the "Windows Features" section located near the bottom of the left pane of the computer details screen get populated? Is there a scanner we are missing? Q2: How do we know what the built-in scanners are actually scanning for? When I create a Scan Profile, I can see each of the scanners within it. If I try to "edit" the built-in Applications Scan Profile, I see 3 scanners; Computer Details, Hot Fixes and Applications. How do I know what each of those individual scanners does? 3:02

Question: On multiple SQL reports, I am getting the 'all computers' result no matter what collection I chose. From what I understand, I am supposed to use a PDQ Inventory function called WHERE ComputerFilter AND to fix that, but I get an error when on any collection other than 'all computers' when including that. Do you have an example you can show for proper use? 7:59

Question: Is it possible to find out why a machine "Needs Reboot" in Inventory? 9:52

Question: I have a webcam that sprouted legs and walked off from our conference room. What is the best way to get alerted if it suddenly shows up as a device on a different machine? 12:57

Question: With the new Inventory Agent, is there a way to see why an Agent installation doesn't complete when it just reports: 'Not Installed', but doesn't give an error why? 15:13

Question: I need to install fonts for various users, but not all. Can I do that easily with Deploy? 17:58

Question: I have created a package that disables our antivirus software on step 3, installs a program on step 4, then restarts the antivirus on step 5. If step 4 fails, how do I get it to run step 5 and still report as failed? 19:33

Question: Is it possible to exclude targets from deployment schedules without customizing the Auto Download package conditions or creating a custom collection? E.g. All workstations need the latest Java except one that needs a legacy version. I use the Inventory Collection Library to create a collection of outdated versions and then Deploy the Auto Download package on a weekly schedule to update them, but this also includes the workstation I do not wish to update. 22:02

Question: With the Agent now installed on all of our machines and seeing as the Agent uses PDQ.com's infrastructure to communicate with our Central Server, is our Inventory scanning now dependent on PDQ.com's infrastructure functioning? Even for machines that are "internal"? 26:51

Question: I'm wondering with the new Agent communicating to the PDQ 'Cloud' is there any info on what is being transmitted and over what (SSL, TLS etc?) I think my security team might kybosh it. 28:41

Question: Is there a way to trigger a delayed reboot (next 4 hours) with user notification well in advance to happen based on contents of the reboot required collection? 30:08

Question: I have a list of about 350 serial numbers in a csv file and want to make a static collection of those. Import doesn't seem to work because it isn't the full computer name. If I copy and paste into filter, it only pastes the first one. Is there an easy way to save me from copying and pasting line by line? 32:11

Question: Is there a way to change the icons in Inventory? Some of our VMs and laptops are showing with the "computer" icon, and it's a nice visual shortcut when you're looking for something specific. 35:04

Question: Will Firefox ESR 64-bit be added to the Collection Library? What about the newly announced Firefox Enterprise? 37:23

Question: Can you use Inventory to tell which or what version of a deployed GPO a machine is using? So you can see if an updated or new GPO is on it. 38:35

Question: Can PDQ Inventory be used to create a dynamic inventory? One that would be exported to Excel on a schedule showing computer name/description. 41:01

Question: (Q1:) I see Acrobat Reader patches. Do they work the same way as Adobe Flash Updates ? (Q2:) Also I do not see Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro patches. Do I need to manually download the patches and push them to needed PCs? 42:39