PDQ Live! : PDQ Hidden Features (In Plain Sight)

6/1/2018 2721 Contributors

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Dragging and dropping packages onto target lists and vice-versa. 1:20

Selecting multiple deployments to group the targets. 3:48

Scan profiles by collection. 6:31

CPU Utilization and Animation Tuning. 11:30

Change the size of ribbon (toolbar) Icons. 13:31

Question: I use the keyboard shortcut to bring up the Preferences menu but is there a shortcut to run an AD sync? 16:03

Scheduling inside a deployment window. 17:33

Question: In regards to the Reboot Required collection within Inventory, is there a quick way to determine why a machine would be placed there? For example, I have a Windows 2012 server that appears in this collection every day, even though I reboot it once a day. 22:14

Library Collections. 24:14

Using LAPS credentials. 27:45

Question: Are there plans to make a blog post or forum entry that highlights these features so that we can reference them later? 30:04

Basic filter / Advanced search 31:09

Disable Allow Scan 32:47

Question: Are there fun Easter eggs hidden through PDQ like mousing over the reboot required status? 34:01