PDQ Live! : Streamlining PC Imaging with MDT and PDQ

5/22/2018 2364 Contributors

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What is Imaging: 52 Deployment task sequences: 2:47

PSExec: 5:03

Question: In our environment, DNS does not update immediately. I usually apply the image then use the IP address to kick off the baseline until our servers catch up. Is it possible to have a IP address used when integrating this process with MDT? 10:04

Nested Package: 13:27

Invoke-Command: 14:14

Question: When we image or replace a PC we usually name it the same as the old one (call center). What’s the best way to clear out the old deployment history if we use PDQ + MDT?: 19:19

Set up a schedule for sample package targeting new PC OU: 22:21

PowerShell OU move: 24:49

Question: If our task sequence auto sets the name, would we want to place this PDQ deploy script step in our task sequence? What about after joining the domain? 28:10

Question: Is it correct that you only need a single Volume License to have imaging rights and you do not need a Volume License for each machine in the organization? 29:02

Question: Does this deployment method require both Inventory and Deploy? We only use PDQ Deployment in our environment. 29:52

Question: I use SCCM as my primary method of imaging. This is controlled by Corporate Headquarters. However, I am using PDQ Deploy and Inventory. What is the best way to trigger a freshly imaged machine to get all the software installed? 30:35