PDQ Live! : PDQ's Lesser Known Features (Part II)

6/1/2018 1907 Contributors

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Grouping or pinning by columns in Inventory. 0:19

Uninstalling silent parameters. Right-clicking uninstall a package. 2:05

Question: What's the best way to version-check a specific application when making a collection? 4:27

Question: To help me keep a cleaner database, can Deploy automatically delete old schedules that will never trigger again? 6:52

Exporting collections, tools, packages. 9:34

Question: Is there a way to create a package to automatically deploy the PDQ Agent on a heartbeat trigger? I have not seen it listed in the Package Library, only in the right-click menu in Inventory when clicking on specific computers. 13:54

Question: If we made an MSI out of an EXE using ORCA will this work with the built-in params that Deploy plugs in on MSIs? 16:11

Changing the icons for packages. 17:07

Question: Are there recommended settings to help optimize the database for both Inventory and Deploy? Unless never deleting data is what Lex recommends. 18:26

Setting in network prefs to test multiple addresses for laptops. 19:44

Question: What is a rule of thumb for adding a sleep step in a package? I've had to add sleep steps for slower computers (to allow the current install to finish), but I noticed PDQ made packages generally do not have a sleep step. 20:44

Copying a selection of computers from Inventory and pasting into a Deploy once window. 23:23

Displaying hidden collections. 24:05

Question: Is there a limitation depth to nested packages? Right now I've got 3, can I go deeper? 25:46

Question: Is there a way to determine if a computer is online because it is on the LAN or if it's because the computer is on, but the agent is reporting in? 27:46

Exporting reports to .csv. 28:55

Question: Is there a way to automatically install a package when a computer appears in a specific collection? 30:42