PDQ Live! : PDQ Inventory Is More Than Just Inventory

6/11/2018 1746 Contributors
WMI Scanner
Files & Directories
Active Directory

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Scan user credentials 8:31

Question: Both PDQ Inventory and Deploy are heavily dependent upon DNS. In our environment records are scavenged every 7 days. Are there tricks to getting these clients to update their DNS so that Inventory can scan them? We have traveling users that frequently use the VPN and are getting a different address each time they log on. 10:26

WMI query - user profiles on machines 12:47

Question: Is there a way to avoid a group when deploying to a collection library as shown at the beginning? I would like to avoid server OS and only install software and updates on workstations automatically. If a server does not have 7zip, it would still show in the collection library. 16:35

Files & Directories scan profile 18:45

Question: Can you have Inventory do a report to show all OEM OS installs and give counts for each OEM serial number? 21:20

Question: Can we scan install PDQ Agent from a different console? For example, I installed PDQ Agent from one server, whenever I scan the same computers again from a different server, it is showing PDQ Agent in not installed. 23:42

Question: Can Inventory with ADSync create a report for computers that have been removed from AD in a time frame (in the last month)? 25:12

When did you last reboot your machine? 27:20

Question: Whenever I try to do AD Sync it doesn’t show me all OU we have in our domain. 29:52

Question: We have been using Inventory to help keep track of CALs by tying them to a computer and making custom fields. Although this is working fairly well, it can be a bit difficult to manage. Have you ever done something like this, and if so any advice? 31:24