PDQ Live! : PDQ & A June 2018

6/25/2018 1871 Contributors

Question: When will the "scan step" be available in Deploy? :41

Question: What is the best way to purge the "file and directory" scan results for all computers? For example, say I ran a scan that I only needed once, and create a new scan. The file and directory page will always show the results from both scans, which crowds out the relevant (recent) scan. 2:20

Question: As we anxiously await Deploy's integration with the Agent, is there a way to create a collection that only shows those systems who are online internally? Basically, I want to re-create your collections that have old software and add agent status as internal to help clean up the amount of failures that I'm getting because of systems being online but are remote. 5:03

Question: Is the Inventory Agent available to download outside of the console for remote company devices that are not domain joined? 7:43

Question: Best practices are to tag your name in the description field, but stuff happens, and we have a ton of "New Reports." Is there any way to tell who created those reports? Also, in Deploy, is there a way to tell who created a package and when? 9:09

Question: Can an Agent installer package be added to the Package Library? 10:17

Question: Is there a way to kick off idle/stuck licensed users in PDQ Inventory/Deploy? Every now and then someone has to leave and forgets to close the program(s), thus holding onto the license. 11:54

Question: Are the PDQ Inventory/Deploy console command line commands documented anywhere? 13:41

Question: Is there a way to tell if a DVD drive has been used on a computer for the last several months? Not present, but actually used. 14:53

Question: My PDQ Inventory v14r3 seems to have "discovered" all my computers by name AND by IP, so I now have twice as many computers in inventory. How do I clean it up and prevent this in the future? 15:42

Question: I have some scheduled packages in Deploy that will not kickoff on heartbeat. Anything obvious I am missing? 17:43

Question: Last week, you showed scheduled deployments using conditions on either the schedule or the package, and mentioned that when a library package is updated it will clear out the target history. Could nested packages accomplish the same task? Are there any pitfalls? 20:26

Question: Do all console users see tools created by other users when NOT using the Central Server? 22:46

Question: Is there a way to run a report of log on / log off events from the Agent? 23:57

Question: I often run into deployments that fail with an MSI error 1603, which I understand usually means msiexec is already in use. I have a task kill step before my deployments to try to mitigate that, but it often happens at other steps in the same package. Any best practices I'm missing? 26:09

Question: We use Inventory Agent on all of our endpoints. At least 10% of our Online machines will periodically report an Agent Status of "Unavailable." There does not seem to be a consistent cause for this, and reinstalling the Agent does cause it to immediately change status to "Internal." Is this is a bug, or are we misunderstanding the meaning of the "Unavailable" status? 28:41

Question: In Inventory, you can display Memory, CPU, OS and pretty much any detail about a computer in the columns when looking at All Computers, but you cannot show Display Adaptor. Working in the Video Games industry this is something which we need to know on a daily basis, will Display Adapter ever be an option in the columns? 30:07

Question: New to PDQ software. Is there a way to get more accurate uptime information? Seems Windows 10 computers with fast boot enabled don't reset that value when shut down. 34:00

Question: Without logging into each computer and running Fixit, is there a way to fix uninstall Error 1612: Installation source for this product is not available? 35:11

Question: Will Inventory ever be able to report multiple IP addresses with the Agent? Helpful for VPN situations when the Agent reports the adapter's home network IP when in fact they have a VPN address that's not reported or a way to pull the IP associated with a specific DNS suffix to filter out home addresses? 37:35