PDQ Live! : 53 Shades of DNS

6/25/2018 1305 Contributors

Computer Name Mismatch (Nslookup, Nbtstat): 23

Install DIG (Domain Information Groper) 4:24

PowerShell 6:42

Question: If your server team is full of not-the-good-kind-of-lazy admins, what're the best ways to mitigate DNS problems in PDQ when you don't have permissions to actually fix DNS? 10:00

PTR Records & RFC 1912 12:45

Question: I have to flush DNS often due to VPN users. Should I be flushing DNS on the PDQ server or my machine that I use the client app? 16:03

Zone transfers. Setting up for zone transfers from the authoritative name server and setting up to receive zone transfers from the non-authoritative name server 17:36

Question: Do you prefer to manage the DNS suffix from Group Policy or from DHCP? 22:02

Question: I have DNS aging/scavenging set up for 7 days. However, why am I still seeing records that can go back the last two years? Why will it leave records from the past years? Scavenge Stale Resources Records is checked. 24:24

Conditional Forwarders best for discrete networks and Stub Zones 26:40

Question: What is the easiest way to fix name mismatch issues on a few hundred endpoints? (we have a very large network). 28:14

Question: We have three domains in our forest. Should DNS replication under the Forward and Reverse lookup zones be set to 'to all DNS servers running on domain controllers in this forest'? Our reverse zones are set to 'to all domain controllers in this domain.' 31:20

Question: I have a network that utilizes a Cisco Meraki MX-80 as a DHCP server. Is there a way to dynamically update the DNS record much like you can if you utilize a Microsoft DHCP server? 32:08

Question: What is the lowest recommended refresh and no refresh interval? I am in an 800-ish endpoints environment. 34:30