PDQ Live! : Digital Hygiene - Keeping your Network Fresh

7/5/2018 1683 Contributors

PDQ Inventory / PDQ Deploy 1:26

LAPS – Why utilize 4:51

Question: Do you recommend the PDQ credential account be a Domain Admin? We use a PDQ service account currently. 6:47

Firewalls (Software vs. Hardware) 11:26

Internal & External facing devices 14:29

Verizon Breach Investigation Report 15:06

Demarcation Zone or Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) 16:27

Question: Aside from windows updates, are there any other creative ways you guys use PDQ Deploy or Inventory to secure your network? 18:02

Zenmap - Port scanning 20:43

Wireshark - Network analyzer 22:39

Burp Suite - Web application analysis 23:21

Question: If companies have offices in different countries, what do you suggest for patch management through PDQ? How can machines pull updates fast in different countries through PDQ? 24:14

Hybrid Analysis - Checks for malicious links and files against sandboxed environment 26:41

PhishMe - Free phishing awareness tool 28:12

Question: Is there a way to make collections based on AD user groups? If not, how would you best make collections based on users and not computers? 29:07

Question: What's the best way to scan servers on our DMZ with Inventory which sits on our internal network? Do we have to open up a connection on the firewall or is there another way? 31:51

Question: After patching, administrative permissions, and windows firewalls, what's your best way of protecting against internal, semi-trusted users? 34:16

Question: I sync my PDQ Inventory to AD and have it in Mixed Sync mode to allow me the ability to manually create entries for laptops that are not part of the domain. Can a collection be made to show those entries not synced with AD? 35:52

Question: Did you guys decide to do this network security presentation to further separate yourselves from the PDQ Chicken security breach? 37:38