PDQ Live! : PDQ & A - July 2018

7/31/2018 1389 Contributors

Question: The PDQ Agent is fantastic, and I am super excited for the upcoming Deploy options for remote machines running the Agent. My question is around how those remote machine Agents will be updated if the machine user does not have admin rights. Is there today or will there be an automated mechanism or package that can update the Agent when it is not connected to the network? :51

Question: Are there any of the built-in Tools that work with the Agent through Inventory when the Agent is External? If not, are there any plans to add any? 3:22

Question: You guys use FOG for imaging workstations correct? Can I ask why you guys use FOG over WDS/MDT? 4:52

Question: How do I build a package for PDQ Agent manual installation with Heartbeat Schedule? 5:45

Question: Hi Guys, at least once a month I have to go through some admin-server-cleanup-routines ... all my steps but "PDQ repository cleanup" are scripted. So is it possible to clean the PDQ repository of unused files using a script? If yes - how? 8:33

Question: What are any repercussions in clicking Auto Download Save Copies of previous versions? For clarification Auto Downloads automatically cleans out the immediately previous version when a new version downloads unless this is checked? 10:36

Question: We have multiple users/package builders in our PDQ Deploy environment. Is there a way in PDQ Deploy to see who last edited or created a package? Same question for Inventory and collections. 11:53

Question: I have a package that cleans up temp folders and files on PCs. I also have a collection that scans every morning, and I can see PCs that have less than 10% free space, then I manually run the package on those PCs. Can I automate this at all? 12:58

Question: What is the best practice for updating O365 client (click2run) with PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, since those particular updates are not a part of the Package Library? 15:50

Question: What are the future plans for the PDQ Agent? 16:45

Question: Can PDQ Inventory auto discover devices on a network such as printers, firewalls, switches, etc.? We're currently evaluating Inventory but noticed we have no way to inventory other devices. 17:52

Question: How to enable "query local users" for TightVNC tool? I want users to be able to accept or reject sessions. 19:57

Question: I've seen various answers to this--but I'd like your thoughts--what's the best way to deploy a custom package (.exe) in PDQDeploy that you need to run as administrator (in other words for any logged on user can access the program)? 21:33

Question: Since I have started installing the Agent it seems like my schedule deployments are failing to run on my targeted (old) group? Did I miss something in this process, or does it seem like my configuration is off? 25:19