PDQ Live! : WMI in the Real World

7/31/2018 1120 Contributors

Build Scan Profile. 1:27

Question: Is there an option to filter WMI as a condition in PDQ Deploy? It will be a good addition to the file, registry, and collection filtering. 6:59

WMI Licensing Scanner. 10:20

Question: What are your recommendation for using a WMI Scanner to tell which version of Defender is installed and the definition version? I'd like to build a weekly report so I can make sure my devices are up to date on definitions. 15:12

WMI Profile Scanner. 22:24

Question: I found a computer with a corrupt WMI database and was forced to rebuild it. I know the rebuild commands can be sent through Deploy, but can PDQ be used to find which computers need their WMI database rebuilt? 24:58

Question: Are we able to use WMI to find the last AV scan? 26:55

Video Controller Scanner. 28:04

Applied GPO Scanner. 30:01

Question: Do you know of a good WMI reference webpage or book detailing useful settings? I know "useful" is subjective.... 32:13