PDQ Live! : Small Business Redundancy for Small Businesses

7/31/2018 745 Contributors

The concept of high availability and redundancy. :39

AD integrated DNS is straightforward when done on a domain controller. 1:17

Add new DNS servers to DHCP scopes. 3:49

Question: Is there a way to disable DNS cache on the server I have PDQ on? Running ipconfig /flushdns gets old. 8:28

DHCP Redundancy. 10:26

Question: Is DNS able to store two entries for one computer? (for example LAN and WIFI connections) Then based on this try to connect to one address and then the second address on connection attempts? (ping, deploys, etc.) 12:52

Configure Failover. 14:51

Question: In some cases, the DHCP is on the router or firewall. Do you know a way to integrate that with AD or authorize that DHCP server? 20:20

Active Directory replicates using DFS to copy SYSVOL files to all domain controllers in the domain. 21:56

DFS Namespace and DFS Replication Group 24:40

Question: Is there a pro or con to having both DHCP and DNS on the same DC? I was told to never put both on the same DC, but I know others who were told to always put them on the same DC. With only 2 DCs, would you put both DHCP and DNS on the same DC for redundancy? 30:34

Question: For a small business, costs are important. Which server could be safely put on a VM: DHCP, DNS, secondary domain server? 32:00

Question: How does DHCP redundancy affect the DHCP helper between subnets? Are there 2 or one tagged as a backup? 33:51