PDQ Live! : Deploying Office 365

4/23/2019 2151 Contributors

Create a share. :47

Download the Office Deployment Tool and then run/extract the tool to the share. 2:11


Copy the configuration XML file twice. 3:07

Download the source. 6:37

While we wait, prepare the 365install.xml file for use in our deployment package. 8:49

Change from branch attribute to channel attribute. 12:01

  • Monthly: Newest as soon as they are released (testing)
  • Targeted: Semi-annual channel (early standard adoption)
  • Broad: Semi-annual channel (standard adoption)
  • Insiders: Monthly Insiders updates (testing) QUESTIONABLE

Question: Will Office 2019 be a special case? I read somewhere that it will be click-to-run only, not MSI. How will that differ from the O365 install? 15:02 Once the download is complete, let’s look at the share and directory structure. 16:10 Prepare the PDQ Deploy package. 18:58

  • Create a command step
  • Add the appropriate success codes: 0,1641,3010 (success, success+reboot, success+reboot required)
  • Set the OS conditions
  • Set the Options: Deploy User (Interactive)

Question: What is required to change O365 channels, say from semi-annual to monthly? 24:48

Question: How can we remove things like Skype for Business if our environment doesn't use them? 26:26

Question: I have some users that already have Microsoft accounts using their work email. Will I encounter any problems once we go to O365? Will I have to create new ones? 27:47

Uninstall Office. 29:41

VBS Office Removal Scripts. 30:55

Question: How can we push out monthly security updates if we are on the semi-annual channel or monthly channel? Is it a full redeployment or can we just push the updates? 32:50

Question: Is auto-activation via the builtin OSPP.vbs script still supported in O365? We currently use this method for Office 2013. 34:24

Question: We deploy Office 365 with PDQ Deploy for a while now and I never got it to install faster than 20-30 minutes. Do you know if the installer may fall back to download the files if there is a problem with my share where I put the source files? 35:47

Question: For the "Broad" channel, are security updates applied immediately? 38:18

Question: Currently deploying Office 365 and one issues I have had is getting the icons to pin across the taskbar. They show up in start menu, but never appear on the taskbar as configured in the xml file from the config.office.com setup site. What am I missing? 39:05

Question: Can you use shared licensing on all users' computers? 40:32

Question: I currently have O365 (2016) 32bit deployed to all my workstations. I want to remove it and install a 64bit deployment. What's the best method to accomplish this? 40:53

Question: Is there a way to check applications installed in the settings for W10? Dell/HP laptops have "Microsoft Office Desktop Apps" that installs for each new profile. This conflicts with the actual Microsoft Office application unless uninstalled. 41:47

Question: What is the best way to completely remove older versions of Office without removing other products such as Project and Visio? 43:05