Windows 10 Adobe Flash Update Packages Now Split by Operating Systems

9/4/2018 2371 Contributors
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Package Library

You wish to understand the reasoning behind why the Windows 10 Adobe Flash update packages have been split into multiple packages based on operating systems they apply to.

This will impact any current auto-download package and schedules.  Please change your schedules and download new packages as needed. 

With the introduction of the agent we have decided to take a more targeted approach with our Windows 10 Adobe Flash update package.  There will no longer be a single package that applies to each version of Windows 10 , but rather a unique package for each OS. 

Your current  Windows 10 Adobe Flash update package starting next patch Tuesday (September  11th, 2018) will no longer auto-download new versions.  You will need to re-download and re-schedule your Windows 10 Adobe Flash packages. 

There will be modifications to the collection library to reflect this change.