Deploying to External Agents

9/13/2018 2871 Contributors
external agent

You wish to understand how to deploy to external targets using the optional PDQ Inventory Agent. We will cover possible errors and common troubleshooting techniques. 

To deploy to external targets, they must first have the optional Agent installed. Agent installation procedures are covered in this KB:

Installing the PDQ Agent

We suggest only deploying the Agent to machines that need to make use of its features. Please also see these KBs about Agent performance and suggested guidelines to follow for Agent roll-outs:

Agent Unavailable Status

Waiting for Agent Status

At this time external Agent deployments are limited to unedited Package Library packages. This includes pre- and post-steps, as well as conditions. You also cannot rename packages downloaded from the library and then deploy them to external Agents.  Internal Agents do not have this limitation. 

If Agents are returning an unavailable status, they are unable to be deployed to. Those machines will be treated as offline, as in all previous versions of PDQ products. When the Agent is unavailable PDQ products are unable to determine if the machine is internal or external. Therefore, no scans or deployments can occur when the Agent status is unavailable.