Uh Oh - Package Library Edition

10/9/2018 1868 Contributors
Package Library

Uh oh, our wires got crossed.

EDIT 3: 5:31 PM MDT:

Package Library access and behavior continues to perform as expected. Should you experience any issues, please contact the Solutions team at support@pdq.com.

EDIT 2: 10:32 AM MDT:

Package Library access has been restored. There are some inconsistent behaviors with the Package Library we are addressing. Occasionally, for example, newly downloaded packages will appear to be "edited" packages, which prevents deployment of those packages to external Inventory Agents. We are working on this issue, and beatings will continue.

Edit 1: 9:56 AM MDT:

Over the weekend, redirect links pointing to packages in the Package Library were pointing to incorrect package payloads.

What does this mean? Well, it’s possible when you selected to download 7-Zip, the package says it’s 7-Zip, but the payload of the selected package contains the files and steps to something like Mozilla Firefox or Java or some other package.

You may also be receiving one or any of the following error messages from within your console:

The package is corrupted please redownload

Package Missing Import data

Package Not Found

We are aware of the issue, and we are currently working on a solution. We have turned off the Package Library in order to correct the issue. While the Package Library is turned off, you might receive one of the above errors. Not to worry, we’ll get it fixed.

Updates to this issue will be provided here and in the banner in PDQ Deploy.

If you have downloaded packages from the Library after October 6, 2018 please verify the following:

The packages you have downloaded contain the correct payload. To check if you have downloaded any malformed packages, navigate to the Package Library > Download History tab and ensure any packages downloaded on and after October 6, 2018.

If you are impacted, you should delete the malformed package and attempt a re-download once the issue has been resolved. Also, make sure to check your schedules. Our minions are working furiously to fix the issue and beatings will continue until the problem is resolved.