October 18, 2018—KB4462928 Package Library Release Delayed

10/30/2018 1236 Contributors
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You may have found yourself wondering: Where is the October 18, 2018—KB4462928 (OS Build 14393.2580) for Microsoft Windows 10 1607 and Server 2016 and why is it not in the Package Library?


When this update was released the PDQ.com packaging team experienced mixed results in our lab when deploying this update. The decision was made to postpone making this update available in the Package Library. This was done in order to prevent unintended behaviors on machines that may receive this update. We decided to be especially cautious with is update because it applies to not only Windows 10 1607, but also Server 2016.

Example behaviors experienced:

  • Deployments running for over four hours (This is longer than the default timeout period)

  • Blue screening on non-enterprise versions of Windows

  • Rollback of the update installation after reboot

If you wish to create your own package for this update, you can find instructions on how to do so here:


You can read more about the update from Microsoft here: