PDQ Inventory Server High CPU/RAM Usage

5/22/2019 323 Contributors
pdq inventory agent
waiting for agent

You may experience high CPU/RAM usage after upgrading to PDQ Inventory, issues communicating with the server, and Inventory Agents statuses stuck on “Waiting for Agent”.

We recommend only using the PDQ Agent for testing purposes as it’s not yet ready for production use. We have seen with PDQ Inventory high CPU/RAM usage due to PDQ Agent constantly attempting and failing connections to the PDQ Inventory server.

To remove the agents, create an inbound Firewall rule on the PDQ Inventory server that blocks port TCP 7337, followed by a server restart. This will keep PDQ Agents from communicating to the server and will reduce CPU/RAM usage back to normal levels. Then uninstall the PDQ Agent from your machines via PDQ Inventory or PDQ Deploy.


Blocking TCP port 7337 will also prevent the client console installed on machines from access the PDQ Inventory server, so you will need to RDP into the server to access the console. Once the Agents have been uninstalled, you may delete the Firewall rule to allow normal client console access again.