Webcast: Scheduled Tasks and Powershell

4/26/2018 3797 Contributors

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On The fly code referenced by Jordan:

#Adding task to expire

$UserTask.Triggers[0].EndBoundary = (Get-Date).AddDays(1).ToString('s')


Use cases: 2:30

Calling the script directly from a PowerShell step within PDQ: 3:42

Setting up a scheduled task with PowerShell: 4:55

Question: I want to schedule a task that shuts down the PC but only if no user is logged on and the PC is already running for more than 3 days: 9:59

Question: When scheduling a task, let’s say to take place at night, is there a way to send a wake command or PowerShell command to turn on the computers that are powered off or asleep? 11:57

Argument & Execute: 14:31

Building the task: 15:19

Gotcha with New Scheduled Task and Register Scheduled Task with password & credential: 17:19

PowerShell triggers gotcha & workaround: 19:47

Question: Can this update the domain admin password? I need this functionality when I change the admin password: 21:45

Question: I have a big project tomorrow after hours where I need to uninstall a couple in-house apps. I have PowerShell scripts that work, but the apps are installed per user. Can I set the scripts to run only once at the next login? 25:15