Webcast: Preparing your Environment for Remote PowerShell

4/26/2018 2519 Contributors

Join Kris and our very special guest Stephen Valdinger, showing you how to prepare your environment for Remote PowerShell.

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Why we removed the Adobe Flash for IE package: 1:20

Winrm quickconfig to enable remote command: 3:33

Remote PowerShell invoke-command: 6:09

Setting Group Policy: 7:45

Certificates: 10:30

Autologin to machines: 12:20

Trust relationship errors: 3:17

Question: What are some helpful scripts for groups of freshly-imaged business computers, aside from Windows activation and OU joining? 14:34

Cleanup the Temp folder: 15:50

Get the network configuration options for a machine: 16:39

PowerShell commands page: 20:19

Question: How about disaster situations, you have to remotely kill a user’s network adapter, easier to do via PowerShell remote or PDQ push? 21:52

Question: How about a PowerShell command that will go out and delete Outlook OST files in multiple profiles: 24:08