Webcast: Applied PowerShell

4/26/2018 2332 Contributors

Using PowerShell in the real world.

PowerShell improvements 1:46

Package Library installing PowerShell 5 2:42

Question: Is it worth upgrading all my clients to Windows 10 for PowerShell 5? Any new features worth using? 4:52

Common tasks for administrators / Batch vs. PowerShell 6:13

Clearing Event Logs using cmd 7:02

Clearing Event Logs using PowerShell 8:09

Question: Can I upgrade from PowerShell 2 to PowerShell 5 in Windows 7, or do I need to install PowerShell 3, then PowerShell 4, then PowerShell 5? 10:27

Question: Can you cover making PowerShell Scripts silent with PDQ Deploy? 13:10

Enabling and disabling Windows features using DISM 16:34

Enabling and disabling Windows features using PowerShell 17:20

Question: Should I use PowerShell to set (not force) a users default 'open with' program, or would a group policy be better? 23:37

Question: PowerShell 5 (Windows 10) has an Execution Policy Changes that prevents security risks from running scripts. How do you bypass this without having to press [A] - yes to all? 25:08

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