Known issues January 3, 2018 Windows Cumulative & Security Only Updates

4/26/2018 3073 Contributors

You wish to apply the January 3, 2018 Microsoft patch to help mitigate the Meltdown vulnerability.

Verify that your Antivirus software is on the approved list from Microsoft prior to deploying the January 3, 2018 cumulative and security only updates to your machines. These updates are listed below:

Failure to verify can lead to unintended consequences such as Blue Screens of Death (BSODs). Please test in your environment prior to mass deploying these patches.

See this Microsoft KB for more information:

If your system’s AntiVirus software is compatible you can deploy the packages as normal.

For those whose machines have AMD chipsets, particularly older ones, please also see this link before deploying the packages:

Applying this update to said machines can also cause BSODs. Please test carefully in your environment before applying the patches.

Microsoft is in the process of removing these updates from WSUS to avoid inadvertently bricking their consumers’ devices while they work with AMD to find a solution. For AMD specific questions, Microsoft encourages you to contact AMD.