Create Event Viewer Log Files to Filter PDQ Events

4/26/2018 5303 Contributors

You would like to create a filtered Event Viewer file with specific PDQ information, include Event Viewer files (evtx) with your support ticket, or would like to filter PDQ events in Event Viewer.

In order to create an evtx file with PDQ log entries, perform the following:

1. Open Event Viewer (Run > eventvwr)

2. Open Windows Logs > Application log.
3. With Application log selected, in the right-hand navigation pane (Actions), select Filter Current Log...
4. In the Filter Current Log window, use the Event sources drop-down to select the following three items (if they exist): PDQ Deploy, PDQ Inventory, and .NET Runtime.
5. Leave everything else as-is unless you want to further filter by Event Level, and click OK.
6. You should now see a filtered log view.

7. Click on Action in the upper left-hand menu and select Save Filtered Log File As... or Save Selected Events...
8. In the Save As window, choose a File Name (e.g. the error, the date, or your ticket number) and keep the Save as type set to Event Files (*.evtx).

9. Save the <FileName>.evtx log file.

10. Keep for your records or submit with your support ticket.