"Server is Not Running": Remote Commands May Require TCP

4/26/2018 3027 Contributors

You receive the error, "Server is not running" or, "Background service is not running," when attempting to run a remote command. For example, a PowerShell Step or PowerShell script that uses Invoke-Command with credentials.

This limitation of named pipes should only impact PDQ installations licensed at Pro or Enterprise configured to run in Local Mode. (Central Server installations are not impacted).

In most instances, PDQ will use Named Pipes rather than TCP to communicate. This may cause a communication error exhibited by the above referenced error messages.

Running a PowerShell command or PowerShell script from PDQ that uses Invoke-Command, WinRM (WS-Management) does not utilize named pipes and will result in the "Server is not running" error.

To resolve this, it is necessary to enable TCP in the registry for the PDQ product:

1. On the PDQ console machine, open regedit and navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy

2. Create a DWORD (32-bit) Value called, ServicePort and modify the decimal data to the desired TCP port.

3. Restart the PDQ background service (we recommend a reboot of the PDQ console computer).

1. The TCP port must not be in use by another application. Good examples are 7777 or 8181.

2. Depending on your firewall rules, an exception may be required for the chosen TCP port. The exception only needs to allow connections from localhost (the PDQ console) since the port will not be used for communication between machines.