Database Access Failure

4/26/2018 4061 Contributors

When upgrading or moving PDQ Inventory, you receive the following error:

This error occurs when upgrading or moving PDQ Inventory and the database file is not the correct database. For example, when upgrading PDQ Inventory you inadvertently use PDQ Deploy’s Database.db file instead of the correct PDQ Inventory Database.db file.

To resolve the issue, use the correct Database.db file. The default location of PDQ Inventory’s database file is %PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\.

If the correct PDQ Inventory Database.db file is no longer available, you can restore the most recent database backup by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to services.msc and ensure the PDQInventory service is stopped.
  2. In the highly unlikely event PDQ Inventory is open, close out of the program.
  3. Navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Backups\
  4. Using your favorite decompression tool, extract the PDQInventory-n.n.n.n-yy-mm-dd hhmm.db file from the most recent backup.
  5. Rename the file to Database.db and copy to the %PROGRAMDATA%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\ directory (overwrite or rename the incorrect database file to name.old).
  6. Start the program and proceed with the upgrade/move process.

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