The Operation Being Requested Was not Performed Because the User Has not Been Authenticated

4/26/2018 5930 Contributors


You receive the error, "The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not been authenticated."



Devices discovered during Network Discovery in PDQ Inventory respond to scan and deployment requests differently. This error typically occurs when a particular type of non-Windows device is being scanned or a deployment is attempted to a non-Windows device.

This behavior is to be expected when attempting to scan or to deploy to a device that is not a Windows machine and opens an authentication page via http/https. Example devices that might throw this error are firewalls, printers, telephones, coffee makers, switches, toasters, etc..

We recommend setting the device to "Allow Scan has been disabled" to prevent it from being scanned. To do so, on any collection page or in the Computer window click Computer > Allow Scan (or right-click the computer name on any collection page and click Allow Scan) to remove the checkmark. Additionally, we recommend removing the device from any collection linked to a deployment.


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