Error: Operation Did Not Complete Successfully Because the File Contains a Virus or Potentially Unwanted Software

4/26/2018 6699 Contributors

When importing, moving, deploying, or copying a PDQ Deploy package or when copying a file, directory, or application, you receive a Windows error, "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software."

The error is most often accompanied by the following additional errors:
Error Code: 225 
HResult: -2147467259

This error is being returned by Windows (ERROR_VIRUS_INFECTED) and not PDQ Deploy.

The package, file, directory, or application may be incorrectly flagged (false-positive) by antivirus/antimalware software, which can include Windows Defender. To confirm this is the case, utilize a secondary confirmation source such as VirusTotal to analyze the file(s).

Once the file is confirmed to be free from malware, you may need to temporarily disable your AV program and/or create an exception to allow the file/application to be imported, moved, deployed or copied. takes the following precautions when creating packages and making them available for general use:

  • Each installer file downloaded from the vendor has the checksum of the file verified.
  • Each installer file downloaded from the vendor is run through a virus scan to verify the application installer is free of malware*
  • The vendor installation files are not modified. We will create scripts, transforms, and other files as necessary to install the program, but we don’t change any of the binaries.
  • Once a package has been created, the package is signed with an Authenticode signature and uploaded to our servers.
  • When a package is downloaded, the Authenticode signature is verified by PDQ Deploy as being authentic.

*Some applications (e.g. CutePDF) may contain adware or toolbars that will be flagged by antivirus software. In these cases, we make every effort not to install the adware and/or toolbars and other fury-inducing applications.

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