Some Paths Are Too Long to be Processed. PDQ Deploy Cannot Determine if the Files Are Not In Use

4/26/2018 3272 Contributors

When running the Repository Cleanup, you receive the error, "Some paths are too long to be processed. PDQ Deploy cannot determine if the files are not in use." The error will be followed by a list of one or more files meeting the error criteria.

Due to the length of the path, PDQ Deploy is unable to determine if the files in the path are not in use and cannot add them to the list of available filenames to be removed by Repository Cleanup.

If the files are not in use:
Shorten the path to the file(s) in question. This can be done by moving the files closer to the root of the repository, renaming certain directories not relied on by the installation, or changing the location of the repository. By default, the repository resides at %systemdrive%\Users\Public\Documents\Admin Arsenal\ PDQ Deploy\Repository\.

If the files are, or may be, in use:
Rename the directories to shorter lengths until the error no longer appears. In the navigation tree, press F5 to refresh and expand all Packages folders in the tree. If the files were in use, one or more packages will contain warnings that the installation files are no longer available. Edit each package to point to the new location of the installation file(s).

WARNING: If done incorrectly, renaming directories within the repository can result in numerous packages in the Deploy tree appearing with a warning  that the installation files are no longer available. It’s generally a good idea to begin renaming backwards from the end of the path. Do not edit the repository directories (defined above or by $(Repository) in File > Preferences > Variables > System tab).


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