You Receive an Error: Database Access Failure, “database or disk is full vacuum”

4/26/2018 8894 Contributors


You receive the error, “database or disk is full vacuum” on the following Database Access Failed window:

Or the More Info window:


There are two options to resolution:

1. Check and free up disk space on the PDQ Console machine.

2. Run the vacuum command via the SQLite console. To do so, see the instructions below:

Run the vacuum command from the SQLite console

Warning | Precaución | Auchtung | Mise en garde | Attenzione

Modifying the SQLite database in an incorrect manner may result in unintended consequences up to and including irrecoverable data loss; a corrupt database requiring the complete uninstall and reinstall of the program; and existential dread associated with being alone in an uncaring, meaningless and indifferent universe. It is strongly recommended you stop the PDQ Inventory service and make a backup of the the .db* files located in %programdata%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory before accessing the SQLite console.

1. Open a command prompt and enter the following:

sqlite3 "%ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Database.db"

You should see something like this:

2. Type in the following command at the sqlite> prompt (make sure to include the semicolon):


Once the vacuum command has been run, you will be returned to the sqlite> prompt. You can now close the SQLite console.

3. [OPTIONAL] As an alternative to running vacuum, you can also optimize the database using the following command from a command prompt,

pdqinventory optimizedatabase

IMPORTANT: If pdqinventory.exe is not in your path, you can locate the executable in drive:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\ or on 32-bit OSs, drive:\Program Files\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\.

Thanks to Charley, our QA nuclear scientist, for needling out this issue.

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