Inventory Product Key Scanner Retirement and Alternatives

4/26/2018 6322 Contributors


You wish to obtain product key information on various products after the retirement of the PDQ Inventory product key scanner in PDQ Inventory Version 9*.


The products listed below are examples only. Admin Arsenal’s enumeration of alternative products in the Resolution section is not an endorsement of those products. Admin Arsenal has not tested the products and has no way of gauging whether any of the products, or none of the products, are fit for your environment. Admin Arsenal encourages you to thoroughly test and evaluate any software and Admin Arsenal makes no claims to the fitness or usability of the software listed below.

Please also be aware that in certain cases, product keys will simply not be available. This may have little or nothing to do with the effectiveness of the software and more to do with the rapid change in how (and where) product keys are stored. Many software vendors are moving from storing keys locally in the registry to storing them on their own external servers, with various methods used to periodically poll those servers for specific keys/activation information.


Without endorsement, Admin Arsenal is aware of the following software that claims to pull product keys. The veracity of any and all claims made by the following software vendors has not been confirmed by Admin Arsenal; each product should be thoroughly evaluated for fitness within your organization.

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*As an increasing number of products are using offsite servers to hold license/product key information (e.g. Office 365, certain versions of Office 2013/2016, and Adobe Creative Cloud), Admin Arsenal has made the decision to focus on expanding the power and usefulness of PDQ Inventory where such expansion has the highest impact. The continuing effort to provide current and accurate product key information, where such information can be obtained in the first place, has an inverse increase in programmatic costs, yielding in ever diminishing returns to our customers.